Pearls and Lace
 Wedding & Event Planning 
You're engaged! You've been waiting for this moment to finally happen, and it has! But now what? After the initial excitement wears off, the stress starts to creep in... You now are thinking about a million different things; wedding date, venues, flowers, photographers, cakes, caterers, centerpieces, music, seating, colors, BUDGET!!! Ahhhhhh!!! What felt like a fantasy just a short while ago, now seems like a looming cloud hanging over your head... You just wanted a ring, to show up in a pretty dress, and have everyone gasp when they see you, and to see the man of your dreams standing at the end of the aisle with that loving, longing look in his eyes... But now? Now you're frazzled and realize this whole process isn't quite as glamorous as you envisioned while playing "wedding" when you were 8 years old, with the little neighbor boy Tommy, that you forced to wear a makeshift top hat and jacket... No, this feels a lot more like work. Work that's somehow getting away from you because you don't know where to start. Unfortunately, life didn't go on hold when he slipped that gorgeous ring on your finger, and you realized Monday, that you still had to show up for work... Sure, your Aunt Bertha offered to help you with everything, but her "style" isn't quite what you had in mind. She's almost 70, wears big crazy hats whenever she goes out, and she smells of a mix of Preparation H and cheese. And you just know she's going to take over and do everything she thinks will look good, just like she does at every family function. She already insisted that you wear her dress. You know, the old one with the big poufy sleeves, that has a turtleneck neckline, and has enough fabric to keep you warm trekking through the Arctic? Stop... Take a deep breath, and count to 3. Better? No, you still have this wedding to worry about and no time to get it all done. But what if I told you, there is a way to have it all, without feeling like you're about to be trampled over by a herd of elephants being led by a maharaja wearing Aunt Bertha's dress? Let us help! At Pearls and Lace, we will take that stress away and let you slip back into your fairytale. We will take care of all the mundane tasks, while ensuring your  vision is turned into a reality. After all, this is a joyous time! This time is supposed to be about you and your fiancé and the life you're about to build together. This is the time to be the princess you always dreamed of being, where everything is all about you! You're only concern should be to arrive in that show-stopping dress! So, you wear the dress, we'll do the rest!